Precision Horology
Precision Horology


For many years, I worked as a watchmaker repairing complicated pocket timepieces and an occasional precision clock. I  wanted to build my own clocks one day and over the years accumulated a fair number of machines with that in mind. Eventually, I added a modest machine shop to my home and finally the machines I had accumulated had a place of their own. Here are a few machines that I use frequently.

BRIDGEPORT SERIES 1 MILL:  Although there are many kinds of milling machines available I always wanted to own a Bridgeport.  It’s been a workhorse mill for more than 60 years and enjoyed a fine reputation for all of that time. Because it’s an American made mill, parts and service are readily available. I purchased mine directly from Bridgeport just before they sold out to Hardinge.

BOYER SCHULTZ PRECISION SURFACE GRINDER:  The Model H612 Boyar Schultz Surface Grinder is a precision surface grinder that can be used for precision grinding and finishing work.

OPTICAL COMPARATOR: The Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator can be used for making precision measurements on finished parts to check the accuracy and compare them to actual drawings. Parts can be projected 10 to 50 times actual

(ABOVE) Radius attachment for the Hardinge.

(BELOW) Harig Grindall. I use it with the surface grinder for grinding pivots.

(BELOW)The Harig Lectro Center permits precision grinding on centers.

(LEFT)Digital Indexer. When set up in the mill for gear cutting, any number of teeth up to 999 can be cut automatically

(BELOW)  Volstro Slotting Head and Bridgeport Right Angle Head .

HARDINGE SUPER PRECISION LATHE Model HLV-H: I always wanted to own the very best of the American precision lathes and settled on a Hardinge. It just feels good to use it! I had it  

rebuilt when I purchased it.